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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why does it take so long to get the handpan?
Our products are entirely handmade and 100% made in Italy. Each product is unique and is created at the request of the final consumer, who will obtain an instrument tailored to him.


2. Are the payment secure?

Absolutely! You will be in contact with us and the payment will be made with transparency and security.


3. Can I request an invoice?

Of course, all you have to do is asking for it when you will order.


4. Is there any possibility to try the instrument?

Yes, you can do so at our authorized retailers or at our headquarters in Lecce.


5. Do you tune instruments of other brands?

No, we only tune our instruments!

6. How can I become your dealer?
Send and email to, asking to become a dealer and you will be contacted


7. Which courier do you use?

We rely on an express courier that varies according to the country of destination.


8. Do you organize official courses to teach how to play the handpan?

On our site you will have the opportunity to buy the online course. We do not organize physical courses but if you are interested we can recommend the most suitable according to your country!


9. How can I contact you?

Send us an email on, fill the contact form on our site or write us on our social pages! We. will be happy to help and guide you in choosing an instrument that will make your heart beat!


10. Do you ship worldwide? Are there any additional costs depending on the country?

We ship worldwide. There are no additional shipping costs in Europe. Outside Europe, there is an extra 80€ per instrument.

11. What are the differences between your instruments?

  • MAESTRO: the basic line 1.00, balanced timbre, exceptional tuning stability;

  • CONCERTO: the professional line 1.25, with a warmer sound and longer sustain;

  • OPERA: the stainless line, ease of sound and better activation;

  • WOODPAN: a unique piece with a double shell of wood.

You will find more information on the product pages of our site or contacting us!


12. Are there any promotions or discounts?

We try to offer our customers the best quality at an affordable price. Sometimes we organize contests or flashsale with occasionally low prices but they're only for a few pieces so... STAY TUNED!


13. How long does it take to ship the instrument?

It depends on the Handpan line you've choosen:

  • MAESTRO: needs 20-30 days to be build;

  • CONCERTO: needs 60 days;

  • OPERA: needs 30-60 days;

  • WOODPAN: needs 90 days.


14. How much do your instruments cost?

  • MAESTRO: 1350€;

  • CONCERTO: 1550€;

  • OPERA: 1775€;

  • WOODPAN: 2600 - 3000€.

      Evateck case and 2 years of warranty included in each instrument!


15. How do I choose the right handpan for me?

On our site, you will find depth descriptions of the sounds and characteristics of each instrument.

You can also listen to the unique sound through the videos uploaded on our social media and on our Youtube channel. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us!

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